- A game by Retrific - Currently in early development -

Subscout is currently being developed by Retrific (Jonathan Mannshoven) and will presumably be released somewhere in 2017 on steam. Just kidding, the development is currently paused because of other projects and time reasons. But you can follow the development of the game as soon as I return to it by following @Retrific on twitter.

Subscout is the biggest project I've ever started. I had this idea a long time ago but never felt like I was really able to make it happen. But now is the time where I finally want to try to bring it to life. So here we go. Let's do this.

What is Subscout?

Subscout will be a singleplayer, open world, 2D game, a mix from several genres, including exploration, adventure, rpg, casual, action, survival and so much more.

You play as a failed explorer who always wanted to explore the depths of the ocean. In a world where no one is interested in the ocean you are the only one who thinks that there is more than just water and a few fish. You decide to scrape together your last money and to buy a boat. Where the ocean is deepest you decide to start your journey.

Find treasures, rare plants, resources, fishes monsters of the deep and loot of all kinds to get money for upgrading your equipment to be able to dive even deeper. This game is all about upgrading and exploration.

But there is even more:
When you start a new game in Subscout you will be able to choose from many options on how you want to play the game. Do you want an unforgiving survival game with permadeath and dangers everywhere? Then enable permadeath, hunger, thirst, hard difficulty, a smaller inventory, less starting money and other mods to customize your gaming experience.
Or maybe you just want a quiet exploration game without having to worry about hunger, thirst, stamina or time? Or perhaps you are more of a action-type and you want guns, explosions, fights, looting and pirates?

However you want the game to be, you can tweak it to your favor!

The only thing you will always have to do is to earn money to upgrade your equipment to reach the bottom of the ocean! No one knows what waits for you down there, but I'm pretty sure it will be something that will totally change how fellow explorers and scientist think of you.
And it will probably also be very dangerous, yes I am pretty sure about that. So be prepared...

TL;DR Subscout is an open-world game where your goal is to reach the bottom of the ocean by looting the world which you can sell to get money to upgrade your equipment. You can play Subscout as an action game, as an exploration game, a survival game or just however you want.

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